Electronic garbage (another chance)



Do you recycle electronic equipment? Do you give another life to this? I’ve been doing it for a few years.

I currently use the following recycled equipment:

  • 32bit PC: From the garbage, I only had to put one of my hard drives since it came with a monitor. It works without problem for 4 years with Arch and Kali, 4GB RAM.

  • Old Acer Aspire One: From the garbage, I only needed one power supply (€ 15). Works for 3 years with #! and BunsenLabs, 2GB RAM.

  • HP compaq presario “new”: From the pre-garbage, I had to buy an SSD and RAM (€ 100 in total). Works for 5 months with ArchLabs and goes like a rocket, 4GB RAM. I use it daily and I always carry it with me.

I’ve also been helping people without resources to have their own equipment, because I collected so many pieces of garbage that I could already ‘manufacture’ equipment. I don’t charge for it because they are unemployed like me and people at risk of social exclusion. I’m not a saint, I just want to change my little world, making it cleaner and more efficient, and a little more fair.


Just started recently by shopping 2nd hand devices.
I should look for a way to recycle old phones as well…


The old mobiles that still work I use them as a radio / mp3 for the bed and the bathroom. And I’ve seen the screens of the smartphones reuse them in RPi


Sounds like a good idea.

My laptops are my former s dad s ones apart from the secondhand Dell Latitude XFR D630 that I bought fairly cheap.


Great topic @Negata and good on you for helping others. We have always donated our used equipment to either a senior living facility or animal rescue in our area.


Typing this on a reconditioned X201, it’s all I need :slight_smile:


I tuned it a little. I usually use it as a server


Top job @Negata . Doesn t need to cost a fortune right


Yes @altman. And it also works very well, it’s robust


That s cool


Funny you bring this up. As I mentioned in the Jan-Screen-Shots thread, back-light issues with my lappy pushed me to go rummaging through the garage for some old hardware. Finished up the build today and tossed on Debian to get me by for a few days. On it now. Not too bad but I tell ya, I actually forgot what it’s like to run a Celeron system … Grrrrrr.


This is my last experiment. With the RPI and the converter I’m checking that the screens work well separately. But my final idea is to put a motherboard of a laptop in the aluminum structure that I’m building. I’m doing it at times. I think that one day I can show you the final result.


Wow, nice experiments @Negata


@altman It would be nice if it could be opened and closed like a book It would be a double-screen laptop


lol, yep !


“New” chassis, but with the same parts. A neighbor of my parents had it in the attic, but empty and without pieces. Now I use a reader slot to easily extract an HDD.


Another pimping to do right ! Keep it on @Negata


Great topic right here! I have been using older pcs for years thanks to GNU/Linux! Saving money and materials, spending a lot of time to learn :wink:

Lately I have played around with older smartphones in order to find operating systems that can lengthen the lifetime of hardware that is no longer official supported. I just managed to install Lineageos on a really slow and old Huawei phone but I am still not confident that I can rely on the system on a daily basis. I have been trying to educate myself on the XDA-developpers forum, but find it rather confusing to follow threads there. Anyone who has experience with customizing smartphones and who can recommend other databases for learning?


I’ve not tried new mobile systems, but I plan to try some. Although I’m also a bit lost in that aspect. After a while I just managed to root an old android mobile and take away everything from google.


I was a regular rom user a few years back, but haven’t really try any recently (my OnePlus 5 just got Pie in december, no reason to complain so far).

Although I do remember that some phones/brands are way easier to flash than others. Anyway, XDA is a bit messy but is the best place to get what you want.