Electron Flagged out-of-date on 2019-03-10

I was wondering if there will be no more updates for electron.
And this thing will lead to archlabs since I installed it in all distros and maybe even in many arch distros but I have to check

[don@don-pc ~]$ pacman -Qi electron
[sudo] password di don: 
Nome                      : electron
Versione                  : 3.1.6-1
Descrizione               : Build cross platform desktop apps with web
Architettura              : x86_64
URL                       : https://electronjs.org/
Licenze                   : MIT  custom
Gruppi                    : Nessuno
Fornisce                  : Nessuno
Dipenda da                : c-ares  ffmpeg  gtk3  http-parser  libevent
                            libxslt  libxss  minizip  nss  snappy
Dipendenze opzionali      : kde-cli-tools: file deletion support (kioclient5)
                            trash-cli: file deletion support (trash-put)
                            xdg-utils: open URLs with desktop's default
                            (xdg-email, xdg-open) [installato]
Richiesto da              : Nessuno
Opzionale per             : Nessuno
Conflitti con             : Nessuno
Sostituisce               : Nessuno
Spazio richiesto          : 130,99 MiB
Pacchettizzatore          : Nicola Squartini <tensor5@gmail.com>
Data di creazione         : dom 10 mar 2019 03:24:47 CET
Data di installazione     : dom 10 mar 2019 15:44:26 CET
Motivo dell'installazione : Installato esplicitamente
Script di install         : No
Convalidato da            : Firma

[don@don-pc ~]

Do I have to go to this verse to have always updated electron?
electron2 2.0.18-1
Or isn’t it necessary?
Thank for help

Weird, no problem here:


Might have to wait & update later on.

Edit: Ooops But it s Electron2, wonder if it can be of any use to you @ector

i have installed this on default

did you install electron2 by default @altman?

No, just made a search, but I guess that it wont be of any help, just wait for someone else in the forum.

Hope that it will be fixed for you!

Some of the maintainer s packages also have been flagged out of date, he might update them soon hopefully !


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Hi @ector!! I had it installed for a few weeks because I had never tried it, but it gave me problems on my laptop. Anyway I’ve seen that version 3.1.6 has a security patch. I don’t know if it’s out of date because of this.




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Hello Negata,
but can i remove it?
Or it’s not possible to see a lot of slopes, I’m also sure I didn’t install it, I found myself in archlabs.
I hope @natemaia will clarify everything

[don@don-pc ~]$ sudo pacman -Rsn electron
[sudo] password di don: 
controllo delle dipendenze in corso...

Pacchetti (4) http-parser-2.9.0-1  minizip-1:1.2.11-3  snappy-1.1.7-1

Dimensione totale dei pacchetti rimossi:  131,24 MiB

:: Vuoi rimuovere questi pacchetti? [S/n] 

@ector In my case it was installed when I installed Atom.