Edit forum posts

Is there a way to edit or re-edit a post that has been written?
A button that I have overlooked…

If you have permissions to edit your posts, there will be a pencil at the bottom of your post.

Thx for your answer

No, there is no writer under the text I just posted.
What does it depend on to get the rights, the time the article has been published or my status as a forum participant?
i only see the first, fourth and fifth of the six buttons, followed the reply buttonthing

You should be able to edit now.

How Discourse works (the forum we are using) is that there are levels of trust, the more you participate the higher the trust level you can get to. Editing is enabled once you hit trust level 2. I have bumped you to that level as you seem like you are here to participate.

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Thank you for your intervention, the edit button has now magically appeared.
Earlier, I noticed a “Solution” button at the beginning of the line,
which is used by the author to say the problem is solved, right?

100% correct.

Happy to help

Ok, I have additionally hammered on the solve button, I hope my forum participation does not make you too much work.

have a nice day, stephan

Not at all. :smiley: