Echo 'SSBhbSBIYXhOZXQK' | base64 --decode

Hey there!

I have been lurking like a typical hacker and decided to finally make my presence known.
I love the Arch OS and I did install the Arch Vanilla manually and it was fun for the first 10 times, but then I got tired :laughing:

I will be honest that I went with ArchLabs because of the logo design. So kudos!
I am in love with the whole process, the custom looks, and well this forum is probably the best forum I have ever been on. I’ve been in forums for so many years and I actually created forums in the past like 20 years ago.

I also use Kali Linux, but that’s just on my macbook air.

I am also patiently waiting for my Pinebook Pro. Just wondering if AL will create something for the ARM community. I would love to have the PBP running ArchLabs as well instead of Manjaro.


Welcome aboard @HaxNet

Glad to see you around.

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Welcome to the forums!

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Welcome to ArchLabs.

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echo ‘SSBhbSBWZXJuZG9nLiBXZWxjb21lIGFib2FyZCE=’ | base64 -decode



Looks like we have some single side band guys in here !

hahaha well base64 is probably the easiest to decode and you can do it right from the terminal :slight_smile:

lol, yep, looks like any decoding s hard on me ! Never tried much to say the thruth ! lol

just copy and paste it in the terminal

Hey cool !

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