Earthquakes and the like


I’m glad you’re not. Anchorage Alaska just had a 7.0 earthquake today with a 5.8 after shock that hit closer to Anchorage. But that was an interesting piece of information that I was blown away. Many strange things happening now days in frequency and strength.

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Wholy crap ! Hope not too many damages & worst things to happen.


Well, there’s earthquakes, volcanoes, flooding, hurricanes, and all kinds of disasters going on worldwide. I just asked @Dobbie03 if he feels tremors because New Zealand’s two major islands are moving closer together. Approximately two years ago they had a pretty good shaker. When growing up in the San Francisco bay area, we would get tremors quite frequently. Fortunately, I wasn’t there for the '98 earthquake. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


We get a lot of earthquakes in NZ.


[Heather Hintze on Twitter: “This is what happened on the 6th floor of the Nesbett Courthouse during the Anchorage #earthquake. Both attorneys jumped under their desks. Evacuated the building after the shaking stopped.” / Twitter.](" / Twitter.


oh , happy not to be there, hope they ll get a break, sometimes another one follows.


Well, one s always on the edge !


With the way the San Andreas is moving, at some point Los Angelas and San Francisco will be across the street from each other.


You bet, if something worst doesn t happen, guess I would be pretty nervous living in this area.


I can’t imagine that kind of force under my feet. Amazing


I’m surprise it hasn’t happened yet @PackRat. Considering California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska is part of the ring of fire around the Pacific. A bunch of volcanoes have also been going off lately. I live in the neighborhood of three major volcanoes, one of which is Mt. Saint Hellens.


The closest you can come to experiencing that is getting so drunk that you can barely walk or a ship in rough seas.


Or drunk on a rough sea, might be real bad.


Speaking of the earthquake


It’s a good thing that they didn’t have to scramble to find another airport to land at.


You bet, it was on my YT subs when I noticed it a little bit ago.