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dwmX-RC1-DEB10 final test


Downloaded! Thank you very much @mrneilypops

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Top again @mrneilypops

Edit; Downloading right now.

Nice! Downloading now!


Nicee @Negata

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It works perfectly. So far I’ve tried it in live version, but I will install it

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Cool, you ll install it beside your other installs !

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Although hardly anything works well for me here (I’m useless at Debian!), I managed to install the Azote package by @Head_on_a_Stick. :smiley:


[edit] Step by step I’m making myself comfortable here. :slight_smile:


Nice work Guys!
dwmX-RC1 final build released today!
dwmX final will be released in line with Debian 10.1 :wink:


BTW: in what I installed yesterday I can’t start jgmenu:

fatal: 'pmenu' is not a jgmenu command

Is there an easy way to fix it?

How are you starting jgmenu?
jgmenu_run pmenu

They all result in the same error.

I will investigate this. Thanks. I will come back to you.

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Not that I converted to Debian, but feel free to ask for testing whenever you need. It’s damned difficult to find testers, even on this friendly forum.

jgmenu interim fix

cd jgmenu
make prefix=$HOME uninstall
make clean
git pull
make prefix=$HOME install 

I should have an update RC1 on sourceforge shortly…

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Very well. I’ll try when I’m behind my own desk.

I think the issue is fixed.:wink:
New ISO uploaded to sf.

The problem was that the jgmenu libraries were still linked to ‘live’ user after install.
A system wide installation of jgmenu has now been completed

New ISO installed in VB

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A few minutes ago with the latest version


Works like charm.