dwmX 2019 base testing concept


Congratulations! Nice work :muscle:


Thanks for your support guys.
A work in progress…but I hope by the time Buster ‘is born’ dwmX should at least be ‘tweaked’ to BETA.

As you guys have been so supportive here are a couple of notes re; the alpha so far;

*arandr is missing in action :wink:

*Firefox Quantum is ‘force installed’ [believe it or not Quantum is available in Stretch repos but not Buster repos…yet…

dmenu_extended fails to launch in VirtualBox??? [python errors…]

*refractainstaller seems to work OK but not very user friendly…TBD…

Also, a short review from my friend Mr.Ghosty aka Ghost Sixtyseven;



Video not being nice on this end… Noticed FF wouldn’t start so just quickly grabbed chromium (no biggie) and was shocked to see it automagically detecting and utilizing both displays on the desktop.

Again, nicely done man :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback…much appreciated.
Can you just expand a bit for me on the FF issue?
Did the browser not start at all?
I forgot to include pulseaudio on the alpha…so had no audio with FF Quantum until I manually installed pulseaudio on my VB install…



Wouldn’t run form either dmenu, dmenu-extended or terminal (no error), found the binary in /opt but wouldn’t initiate from there as well. Figured it was just the usual debian/firefox thing so didn’t mess about with it beyond that. Just tested the live system loaded to ram (nice option) and didn’t experiment at all with sound. As soon as I can find my damn laptop charger, will put it on bare metal on the laptop and let you know how that goes.


Thanks mrneilypops for pushing it. Will have a look. :slight_smile:


I have opened a discussion forum on sourceforge for dwmX development;

My dmwX config is pretty much default.
I am sure you know that by default Firefox will launch on tag 9.
You will see the tag indicator light up when you launch Firefox.

{ "Firefox", NULL, NULL, 1 << 8, 0, -1 },