dwmX 2019 base testing concept


@mrneilypops. You bet, some traffic can help.


Yes, I am sure some traffic does help.

I look forward to releasing dwmX ‘NEXT?’’ BUT…
It is so easy easy to install any base distro, add X [etc…] and then install dwm plus ‘the other suckless bits’

Having said the above, I do understand the need for an INTRO ‘distrolette’ like dwmX to get some familiarity with the dynamic tiling concept.


@mrneilypops. Yep , might be out to something, never know.


@mrneilypops, how are you progressing? Will we see this anytime soon? So excited for this :smiley:


Slow progress…moving back to a stable Devuan Ascii base with stock kernel…just got to copy over config files to new base…slow but still moving forward I hope :wink:


Glad to here from you @mrneilypops.

Slowly but surely right !


Why the move to away from Mother Debian?


What @altman said. Slowly but surely.


Might have to do with that

Little bit of systemd somehow.


My latest testing of dwmX concept has been using Devuan Beowulf +
XanMod kernel…
I want to move to a stable base and stock kernel.
systemd free but one of the main reasons for using Devuan is that when creating test ISOs recently with refractasnapshot on Debian I was getting too many kernel panics on the created ISO…haven’t found the reason for this and I never used to have this problem with Debian…

As I said before I have all my new dwmX configs stored ready to roll.

I will try and keep you guys posted on my progress…


Keep up the great work in there @mrneilypops

Guess one can add the Xanmod kernel repo afterward if wanted.


Please don’t hesitate to share what you have already. We can do something good as a comunity. If you have all the configs ready, should we be able to reproduce your setup on archlabs?
Curious to see your workflow.
Was working in dwm for a years myself. Now using bspwm/sxhkd instead. Surprisingly it uses less resources, easier to config, no need to recompile, gaps included, rouded corners included. Configs are just shell scripts. Simplicity is a one of the most important features for me. And dwm is simple to use but not so simple to configure and maintain.


something is cooking…:wink:
Debian Buster base…


Right on! Sompin’ to play wiffs :grin:

Downloading now, thanks @mrneilypops


Jumping the gun :yum:


Looking good in there @mrneilypops


Awesome! Yay!

Thanks for sharing.


Erm…that will be an old dwmX ISO…new one is still ‘cooking’:wink:


dwmX 2019 ALPHA ISO uploading so SF…

Thanks for testing…



Congrats on the new ISO @mrneilypops

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Very, very nice work sir! :sunglasses: