dwmX 2019 base testing concept

Ah I see, no worries. I feel like playing with some dwm this morning so I will have a looksee again at your old ISO.

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Interesting, dwm is next in line.

You might find dwm on the next ArchLabs ISO…:slight_smile:


OMG, such cool news like this will be a test to my patience. :smiley:

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Yeah and we won’t be releasing anytime soon either. Sorry I shouldn’t have said anything.

No worry, release when ready. :wink: I have other stuff to check out too, and my Linux activity is low anyway atm. :slight_smile:

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Might be in addition, it s what I guess.

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@anon37345411, in addition there my friend. The new release will impress you all.


How’s that ISO coming along @mrneilypops? Got a taste for us yet?

@Dobbie03 So :sunglasses:


  1. I have completed a rough draft ‘pre-alpha’ ISO with my basic ideas.
  2. I need to tweak a bit more…sorry for the delay…but I do intend to have something for release before end 2018…
  3. I am busy with family stuff next 2 weeks…so your patience is much appreciated.

Thanks for the interest and motivation. dwmX has always been quite ‘niche’ and I don’t see that changing but I hope to make it a little bit easier for those new to dwm.

  • Devuan beowulf base - maybe
  • Xanmod kernel -??
  • dwmXdev conky [ help you get started…]
  • Dave’s Visual Guide to dwm [by arrangementwith ratfactor] http://ratfactor.com/slackware/dwm/
  • Hack font

Latest scrot;


Thanks for your interest :wink:

not much here yet but for the sake of completion;

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It’s all sounding super interesting. I am waiting (im)patiently.

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@mrneilypops. Take the time, we all understand that their s something else in life,

Yes Xanmod kernels. Nice scrot by the way ! Keep it on mate.

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Cheers :wink:
I have in the past rushed the process of ISO creation…maybe just because I could…
I am now trying to take my time on ‘distrolette’ creation…

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@mrneilypops , that s cool on my end, anyways , it s not like you had a forum or else kind of waiting on you for the release !

^ :sunglasses:

I must put this link in the thread and encourage all that are interested in dwm to read through the website.
All the :sunglasses: stuff is here;

@mrneilypops. You bet, some traffic can help.

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Yes, I am sure some traffic does help.

I look forward to releasing dwmX ‘NEXT?’’ BUT…
It is so easy easy to install any base distro, add X [etc…] and then install dwm plus ‘the other suckless bits’

Having said the above, I do understand the need for an INTRO ‘distrolette’ like dwmX to get some familiarity with the dynamic tiling concept.

@mrneilypops. Yep , might be out to something, never know.

@mrneilypops, how are you progressing? Will we see this anytime soon? So excited for this :smiley:

Slow progress…moving back to a stable Devuan Ascii base with stock kernel…just got to copy over config files to new base…slow but still moving forward I hope :wink:

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