• added nnn file manager
  • added jgmenu [Super_L key]
  • added VLC
  • kernel 4.19-x
  • transfer.sh installed



Oh looks real great @mrneilypops

Still busy as hell !


Magic! Gonna download and install. Thanks @mrneilypops


@mrneilypops Today I’ve been testing the iso. I like how it works and the appearance! And as a small detail, I love the little binary clock.


Wasted no time @Negata


I’ve taken a break for a coffee and while I’ve tried it :coffee:


Thanks for the feedback.
Glad you like it :sunglasses:


Well , downloaded, too lazy to burn & install today lol.


Downloading right now, I hope to have a first look at it in a couple of days.

Edit; Great work mrneilypops. Very nice set up, specially the inclusion of jgmenu. Keep it up! :slight_smile: