Dwm workspaces/tags

Am curious: dwm comes with 9 workspaces default (which can easily be changed of course). But I always thought 9 was too many. Do folks on here use that many, and if so could you share the use you make of that many workspaces…oops I meant tags :slight_smile:

There’s 10, 0-9. I don’t use that many but I use around 5, mostly just for different work and keeping the clutter down. Some designated for certain uses 1 for main focus and 2 for web browser, the rest are up for whatever.

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Regardless of a certain WM, I use many workspaces (9 on Wayfire, 8 on sway) on the laptop which I use with no external displays connected. On my home setup (laptop + 2 external displays) I could even live with no additional workspaces. At the moment on sway I have 2 workspaces per display here.


For example, I’ll assign gimp its own tag so it can take the entire screen real estate.

I usually cut back to 4 tags; that coincides with the default amount of desktops in fluxbox/openbox and some other window managers so my key bindings and work flow are more standardized.

Yes, somehow due to history, I am also using only 4 tags. 1st for editor, 2nd for pdf, 3rd for firefox/qutebrowser and 4th for misc.

I’m with Nate, mainly around 5 though I do have a couple apps that open on #9 but I use them rarely.

I’m using around 4 tags
one for web browser, one for development , one for game and the last for text editor .