DWM Tweaks (Panel, Desktop & Status)

A small tutorial (FWIW)…


Thx for sharing @manyroads

Thanks for sharing.

It is possible to remove at least two commands from the while loop:

while sleep 20; do
    xsetroot -name " Mem: $(free -h | awk '/^Mem/{print " " $2 "B  Used: " $3"B"}')  CPU $(top -n 1 -b | awk '/^%Cpu/{print $2}')%  $(date +'%H:%M  %a. %d %b. %Y') " 
done &

But I still prefer slstatus for that, here’s an example config.h:

/* interval between updates (in ms) */
const unsigned int interval = 20000;

/* text to show if no value can be retrieved */
static const char unknown_str[] = "n/a";

/* maximum output string length */
#define MAXLEN 2048

static const struct arg args[] = {
        /* function  format          argument */
        { ram_total, " Mem: %sB ",   NULL },
        { ram_used,  " Used: %sB ",  NULL },
        { cpu_perc,  " CPU: %s%% ",  NULL },
        { datetime,  " %s ",         "%H:%M %a. %b. %Y" },

Thank you @Head_on_a_Stick. I have tested and am using your mods. I also revised the tutorial to provide both options.

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I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your BLaM! tutorial as well as all your tutorials that you have on your knowledge base. I have BLaM! loaded on one of my laptops using MX (did it with AntiX as well) and it’s great. I don’t like using DE’s much, and the combo of MX and Bunsen (Bunsen is my go to Debian install ever since good 'ol Crunchbang has ceased) is what the doctor prescribed. Thanks and continued thanks for your information and guidance.