Dwm menu & conky options

As a newbie to dwm… perhaps someone in the crowd (!!!) would be willing to share a few pearls of wisdom regarding the best menu options (non-dmenu) as well as clues on getting Conky to work on a desktop.

As Elvis said. “Thank you very much…”

What’s wrong with dmenu? I even use that in my GNOME desktop.

I think jgmenu or sgtk-menu are probably the best options for dwm if you need something that works with XDG .desktop entries.

rofi is the best.
jgmenu will also work.

When I can get on the other computer later today, I’ll post my config.h with both - unless someone beats me to it.

mrneilypops dwmX used conky on the desktop for dwm. Might be as simple as setting “own_window = false,” in the conkyrc. Download the iso and get the conkyrc from a live session.

^ This. I’ve just tested :slight_smile:

Seems strange to use it for the “desktop” though, it will be covered up as soon as any windows are opened.

Most people pipe the output to the bar instead: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Dwm#Conky_statusbar

This. Kind of defeats the purpose of conky if it’s always covered.
In tilers that are ewmh compliant (bspwm, yaxwm), a simple one-line conky as the panel works pretty well.

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See you guys (@PackRat, @Head_on_a_Stick) are simply being practical. The ‘real’ ricers of the world want everything transparent, background blurred, animé images… (I didn’t say that, did I???)

I’ll try a simple conkybar (see what I can do there) and keep working with dmenu. Actually so far the combo of dmenu and rofi are very nice and ‘dwm’ screams. :star_struck:

Here are the pertinent parts of my ArchLabs dwm config.h:

define the function:

static const char *menucmd[] = { "jgmenu_run", NULL };
static const char *roficmd[] = { "rofi", "-show", "drun", NULL };

make a key binding:

{ ALTKEY,                       XK_F2,     spawn,          {.v = roficmd } },

You will also need to define ALTKEY for that particular key binding:

/* key definitions */
#define MODKEY Mod4Mask
#define ALTKEY Mod1Mask

You can also use the SHCMD functionality of dwm:

	{ ClkRootWin,           0,              Button1,        spawn,          SHCMD("jgmenu --config-file=/home/doug/.config/jgmenu/jgmouserc") },

That binding will give you the typical left-click on desktop menu; you will need a jgmenu configuration with “position_mode = pointer” for that binding to work.

scrots or it never happened:


I dunno, it looks nicer than dmenu but I prefer dmenu myself.

What do you need help with here?

@Dobbie03 - best non-dmenu option. Keyboard centric and scriptable so it works well with tiling wm’s.

Humble notice: all 3 nwg-launchers work with dwm as well.


and a wonderful shameless plug it is @nwg:smiley:

FWIW, here are the wms I use… my primary has been bspwm… I, also, use/ like (in order of preference)

  • dwm
  • openbox
  • hlwm
  • spectrwm

Tada!!! I have dwm fully operational. My c coding is getting better every day. It pretty much has to since this is the first ‘c’ code I have written in over 20 years. :rofl:

Anyway here’s what things look like on my AL-dwm rig. I am using:

  • rofi & jgmenu (for menus, oddly enough)
  • conky is on every workspace (so I can remember my keybindings)
  • pywal to change up the wallpapers etc.

This setup uses my shared/common .xprofile autostart function, along with common sxhkdrc (so I don’t have to learn new keybindings for my application short-cuts; I’m old a feeble…) I will upload my revised updated dots etc. They will be available here by noon North American Mountain Time today.

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That s cool in there @manyroads

For those interested here’s my tutorial on what I did to set dwm up on AL (along with all my dots, etc.).


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Sorry man, I totally missed that. I am having a fair few problems reading lately. I’m missing obvious words and misreading a lot of stuff…off to the doctor and optometrist I am.

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At least they’re allowing optometrist appointments in NZ. The governor of Oregon sent a letter to an optometrist warning him not to make any appointments prior to June 15 because of Coronavirus. It’s getting batshit crazy here.

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