During i3 install thru AL-hello script fan's going crazy and freezes


After some nice time with an older version, i installed the latest ArchLabs iso with success but:

1 During i3 install thru AL-hello script fan’s going crazy and freezes:

  • AL-hello freezes at Grub modification
  • Why?
  • not possible to install i3
  • Will i have same installation and settings when i do an i3 install thru pacman?

2 Also after installing Nvidia drivers and Bumblebee (Optimus GPU card) system doesn’t boot anymore. Back to clean backup.

  • Also better to do the installation thru pacman instead of AL-hello script?

3 After running the AL-hello script Super > Rofi isn’t working anymore.

The good thing is that i have a clean backup after installation, so i can’t put that back without reinstalling.

@bartatarch I installed i3 after the normal installation. It works perfectly. Pay attention to choosing the right panel. Open box panel in i3 works but gives funny results. The theming and configuration is perfect.

About Nvidia you must make sure your card is still supported. Nvidia dropped support for some cards. Read the arch wiki

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Nothing /Nvidia then, thx for the info mate, will keep this in mind if/when buying new hw.

Do you have installed i3 thru Pacli or direct with the Terminal?
With Pacli it doesn’t do anything except breaking d-menu. :-?

Nvidia problems i know, i was in this Antergos discussion: https://forum.antergos.com/topic/9919/xorg-server-update-causes-issues-with-nvidia-propritary-drivers/142

In some weeks i buy an AMD machine and leave Nvidia for what it is.

sudo pacman -S i3-gaps i3status i3blocks