Dunst now actually supports rounded corners?

Finally my rounded corners are working in Dunst after yesterdays update…now that they are working I’m not sure if I really like them :smiley:


That s some changes ! Guess that I never saw or noticed round corners before

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I do! Nice work, mate!

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The settings documented in the man page? I assume it’s something simple in the dunstrc.

I have had a radius set for dunst for a long while but have always had square corners, but today after rebooting I have rounded corners. I have this in dunstrc:

    # Define the corner radius of the notification window
    # in pixel size. If the radius is 0, you have no rounded
    # corners.
    # The radius will be automatically lowered if it exceeds half of the
    # notification height to avoid clipping text and/or icons.
    corner_radius = 7

Well, I was thinking about theming my dunstrc, guess I have an other reason now :slight_smile:

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could use some anitaliasing, I guess? Seems cool, though.

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That scrot is from my 4k screen as well.