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Dumb hlwm question

Not knowing where to place this query, I thought I’d place it here. Mods. please move or delete as appropriate.

My question is…
are there any herbstluftwm (autumn breeze window manager in English) users here?

By way of full disclosure, I currently run it on Bullseye (Debian- MX). If there are any hlwm users, I’m happy to share notes, learnings and travails. btw. I’m about to try a test of hlwm & bspwm (my favorite) on AL. I think that’s a definite maybe. :wink:

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I’m curious about this.

I’m building a bspwm AL install right now. I’ll use pcaman/pamac or similar to get hlwm installed, hopefully.

I have a pile of dotfiles to move and we’ll see what kind of train wreck I achieve. :wink:

I’ve used herbstluftwm in the past. Interesting window manager.

I would just rename your thread to something like “Using herbstluftwm” and let a mod move it to the proper category.

Then you and any other users can share configs, tips etc …

& I would also just put this thread into the Basic Help & Support Category.

My old laptop could not get out of its own way, after I built hlwm on it. I can’t get it to run with antiX as a base distro with hlwm either. :frowning: I never would have guessed that hlwm was hard on an old athlon cpu with 4GB. I’ll clean up my dotfiles and make them available here when I get that far. Sorry for the awkward approach.

No problem @manyroads . Take the required time.