Duckduckgo Email Protection

Have you guys seen this, I’m gonna try it out.


No. Thanks for sharing. This looks promising.


Thx for sharing @Dobbie03 .

Will check it out.

Nice seeing you @philT . Busy on your end !

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Thx for sharing @Dobbie03 , i’m on the waiting list

Hey thanks @altman, yeah crazy busy. Hope to be around a bit more soon

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Want a fucking job @philt? I have two going here in Sunny Napier!!

@Dobbie03 thanks mate, but that’s my problem- I have one. But I love the HB, so maybe…

What’s the pay like?

I work my butt off to earn my bread & milk. Not everyone is fortunate to have a job with decent pay.


Average to be honest. The best thing about it is that you work with some really good guys.

Oh man! Hit me up if you change your mind. :smiley:

Do you pay relocation? :grin:

I’m sure I could swing something!!

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I will.

I might be down there in a few weeks for work.

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You would love it @PackRat the fishing is amazing!