Dual Boot?

Is It possible to Dual Boot ArchLabs latest release with Windows 10, If yes how do I do it

Can you edit your title to be more descriptive of your issue.


  • Make a partition large enough to hold AL (10G minimum, it also doesn’t have to be on the same drive)
  • During the installer mounting select the windows EFI partition for the boot partition do not format it
  • Select a bootloader capable of chain loading (grub/systemd-boot/refind-efi)
  • Once the installer finishes reboot into your bios and select the new grub bootloader entry
  • Profit
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I found with rEFInd as bootloader it is minimum job s it scans thought partitions etc so you dont have to build it … considering archlabs will be your instalation after windows ( if I understood correctly) , then archlabs installer will set the bootflags.

overall. I did it and it was easy, better choose rEFInd in my opinion …

Install AL on separate disk partition or even separate disk. Then open terminal and type:

sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg


Dual booting with windows 7 (Windows 10 albo work)