Dual boot windows 10

Hello I am trying to dual boot archlabs and windows 10. When I am in the archlabs installer it asks for a boot partition. My question is if I give it my current windows boot partition will it automatically have grub be able to boot to windows and archlabs or only archlabs?

Is this a UEFI system?

You only need to share the EFI system partition and mount it under /boot if you choose systemd-boot, GRUB can dual-boot Windows even if you don’t share the ESP.

I would personally recommend GRUB without a separate /boot partition and to keep the ESP un-mounted at all times.

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How many harddrives in the system? If you have 2 drives, install ArchLabs on it’s own drive, grub should locate Windows 10 and have it available. You may need to set up the system to boot the ArchLabs drive first.

For a single drive, what hoas posted should work

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I have 2 drives but I am trying to install archlabs alongside windows in my ssd.

Yes I am using UEFI. When I am in the installer it tells me to select a boot partition should I select the windows one?

I wouldn’t bother with a /boot partition at all, it’s only needed for systemd-boot and you seem to want to use GRUB.

i have the same setup. I would install windows first and then arch. when setting up grub it just pick the /boot and DON’T FORMAT otherwise you will never get back to your Windows lol