Dual boot of Archlabs

I’m trying to dual boot Archlabs with itself but every time I install the second operating system, the boot option for the first one disappears. I’ve tried both systemd and refind.

It appears as though the second install is overwriting the original kernel even though I say not to format the efi partition.

I’m not massively confident with what I’m doing but I’m sure I’m making the correct steps. Is there a way to make the second install not overwrite the first? Am I doing something silly?

You’re correct, AL overwrites the old bootloader. I don’t see this as an issue though, if you need two entries then use the same kernel and bootloader for each? You’d just have to add an entry and repair the one.

Aside from commenting sections that remove/change bits in the installer you’re stuck with the current behaviour. Is it really necessary to have two separate installs of AL?

It’s not necessary. I use it to migrate from an old install to a new one without having to destroy the old one until I’m happy. If it can’t be done then it can’t be done. I might just need to install a different distro as my secondary OS.

thanks anyway.

You may be able to change the distro name (see installer -h) and have most things preserved but the kernel and other things will be overwritten. Not so much that it can’t be done, you’d just have to do it.

As a side note there should be no need to “upgrade” installs with anything arch based, just run pacman -Syyu and you’re on the latest version.

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The issue that started all this was the Wine got corrupt and I couldn’t fix it. I created a new install and everything was fine so I was hoping to run them side by side until I’d completely migrated. I know what I know about Linux but fixing the Wine issue was beyond me. I’d spent too many days on it.

It’s ok. I’ll back up my old install and reinstall. I shouldn’t loose anything.

Really liking the distro by the way. I’ve been on it now for a couple of years. The updated installer has fixed some issues I was having in the past.

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Ahh yes been here myself, wine can be a real bitch sometimes.

Good to hear, cheers.