Dual boot installation. format boot partition?

I am installing AL on my work desktop.
It already has Win on it
I am getting errors and so cant install it.
I think it might be cause the boot partition is full. Perhaps.

Can i reformat here?

No, you will loose Win’s boot loader. Show us the error message. Win’s EFI partition is notoriously small.

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On phone answers may be curt. Sorry

But seems to vary

I am pretty sure it is 100 MB
Can i use systemd-boot with dual boot without lots of jiggering around?

You’re stuck in M$ trap. Their EFI partition is so small it can’t hold the data for another OS.
Show us - sudo fdisk -l


I managed to extend it to 512 on my lapto

p but was not easy :joy:

Should i try to do that again?

That’s exactly the problem ‘Google’ EFI partition too small.


As in your computer at your place of employment, or the home computer where you do your work?
Best thing to do is put a second hard drive in there if you have one. Windows on /dev/sda, Linux on /dv/sdb. Don’t let those OSes mingle.

Select the boot order from your BIOS.


Thanks @PackRat
Its in my desktop in my office in the Uni, and that may well be a great solution if I can find a big enough disk (it need to have Win10 in a VM as I have at home)
I have a 500 GB 9 mm laptop HDD, I’ll look into how to physically put that in a tower

Ordered a 240 GB SSD and a €3 2.5" → 3.5" adapter


Bit late to the discussion but you don’t even need to worry about mounting SSDs other than for looks, because there’s no moving parts they can just be stuck anywhere or taped to a surface. I have my W10 install on a shitty little 120G SSD that just dangles in my case lol.


Pretty the size I use @leigh . I don t download much so it s large enough on my side.

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:grinning: But the adapter was only €3, so I decided to satisfy my OCD side

The 140 GB AL partition on my lappy is only half full with the Win10 VM.
Also, the original HDD with Win10 on the Uni office desktop is 4TB

Actually what I was trying to accommodate with a 240 GB disk is future use with FEA software (ABAQUS) that can make huge files if you have a refined mesh, and whether having them on the HDD would be slower for the solver than if they were on the SSD where the software will be. Otherwise I would have just got a 120 GB. However, I dont know exactly how this software works in this respect yet so more research to be done.

I also got the SSD from Mauser, as it was cheaper than Crucial etc and the read/write speeds were the same. It was €30 instead of €60. Not the end of the world if I chose wrongly.


Yep, hard to beat at that price !

You mean Mouser Components.?
Mauser specializes in different hardware -although, there have been days I’d like to take a Mauser to my computer.

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Nope, Mauser

I was 99% sure they were German orig but in PT, but now I cant find anything about them in Germany.
Maybe they are portuguese after all?
Maybe I was remembering conrad from my time in Germany?


Is 3D TLC NAND flash ok?
And 2M hrs MTBF?

It doesn’t much matter who makes the drive but the NAND chip manufacturer and type, there’s only a few places that make them and everyone buys from them to make their drives.

Being 3d NAND we can see there’s really only 3 big manufacturers - micron, sk hynix, and western digital. It’s fine NAND but poorer than some TLC SSDs at smaller storage sizes. 3d is really meant to lower prices and get larger drives on the market.

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This means you have and expected runtime of 2 million hours before a failure though it will also have a write limit.

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