Drive formatting for SSD (Asus netbook)

Hello guys, I’m new here – feel free to move this post if I’ve put it in the wrong subforum.

I’m planning to move to ArchLabs.

I have a couple of Asus E200s. These are 11" screen notebook PCs, excellent battery life, no fan, cheap. The main peculiarity of the series is that it has a 30Gb SSD instead of a ‘normal’ hard disk.

I’ll reinstall from scratch so can set up the disks as I like. I’m hip to the no-swap on SSD thing.

I was thinking 300Mb boot partition, 11Gb / in ext4, 19Gb /home in ext4. (I’ve been running Sparky reasonably happily as boot / 9Gb /home 21Gb.)

Largely Debian up to this point so very open to suggestions, especially from anyone who has hands-on.

Best, NP

Since you appear to be limited to the 30 GB drive, I might suggest using only a boot part and a root part. This will still allow the use of the whole drive for home AND still allow any needed space for what’s in /

For example - I typically use 512M boot, 80GB for /, 8GB for Swap, and the remaining for /home.
The only time I don’t use that format, is when I have a system that is less than 100GB
Of course, your mileage will vary depending on your needs.

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Thanks Chris. I think that’s a good suggestion, since the odd spare Gb here and there can make a big difference in a setup like this. Best, NP