Dragora GNU/Linux-Libre


They have an alpha2 release just out:


I’ve only tried it in a VM so far but it looks really interesting: musl libc base (instead of GNU’s libc) with sysvinit rather than systemd.

The default graphical environment is dwm & dmenu with xterm & mksh:


Just like my desktop :slight_smile:

Note that the VM has just 256MiB assigned and yet can run X with no problems.

Download link:





Thx for sharing @anon42040838 , wonder why I never heard about it, it s pretty new right !

Not really but I don’t think they’re interested in becoming the Next Big Thing anyway, the distribution seems to be aimed at power users rather than Windows refugees — there isn’t even an installer at the moment for the alpha2 release because they seem to expect the testers to be competent enough to figure that out for themselves.

I’m just guessing here, of course :smiley:

Looks like it s pretty much it @anon42040838

Been on Linux for over 10 years now but I don t consider a power user at all. I can do some stuff , but not as some in here.

To be fair, I don t follow DistroWatch & other sites for newest distros like I used to do.

No, me neither.

Dragora is very obscure indeed, I only know about it because one of the devs posts in the Debian forums and got me interested in it.

Hey thx, Haven t been on Debian Forum for years as a lurker, (don t have an account in there).

Like/d more CrunchBang, AL & BL Forums .