Downloading ArchLabs (latest) where is sha256 key on sourceforge?

I am downloading the latest stable release ISO, when I click on the information icon

I only see SHA1 and MD5. is the SHA256 key located somewhere else?

Sha1 and md5 are perfectly adequate for file integrity hashing. If it’s something you really need I can sha256sum the original file.

So on terminal do I just type md5 <filename.iso> to get the hash output of the iso?

Very close, the command is md5sum <filename.iso> (or sha1sum)

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Is there an easy way to compare the two checksums (the one displayed on the website and the one that is produced from the iso) if you happen to know?

Is md5 not sufficient?

It is sufficient, I was just wondering cause on your website it mentioned about sha256 but yeah I can do md5 no problem.

I’ll update the site, I missed that bit when editing last time.

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