Don't sho icon on rofi window switcher (alt+tab)

Hi everyone, sorry if this might be a stupid question, but I have been searching for a solution for this for few days and came can’t seems to find a answer.

I want to not have a icon when I alt+tab. I have looked into rofi_run and removed -show icon in r/ so it doesn’t show any icon when I search for app, but there are still icon when I alt+tab and I wish to remove it. For the record, there is no “-show icon” in w/. My config is default aside from the removal of “-show icon” in r/.

(I mainly wants to remove the icons because it doesn’t match my default icon theme)

While we’re at it, I also wishes to know how to remove icon from right click menu on plank? For the same reason, it doesn’t match my icon theme. When I right click on any application on the plank, it shows the current opened window, the window icon next to it is kind of … ugly? So I also wishes to remove that.

Thank you so much.

The Alt-Tab (I’m presuming openbox) is provided by openbox and you can modify the look of it by creating/editing an openbox theme.

The system default location for themes is /usr/share/themes/, however as a user you can create a local theme directory at ~/.local/share/themes or ~/.themes you can copy a theme folder from the system location (ArchLabs-Dark for example) to one of these and start editing.

This will get lengthy quick and openbox already has some solid documentation on how to get started, you should give it a read

Thank you, I thought the theme follows rofi and not openbox. This is weird since, my icon theme on my dock (plank), folders and the alt-tab icon is different.

But I’ll look into it. Thank you for the direction.