Does arch labs installer automatically update itself on the beta iso?

So can I run pacman -S archlabs-installer on the beta iso as well and would it work?
Or should I not and the installer will automatically update itself in the beta iso?

In order to update the installer I would do this command , & go from there @altair ;

pacman -Sy archlabs-installer

After version 2.1.51 will auto update, older versions will not. I don’t remember which beta iso or which version installer is on it sorry.

@natemaia is the beta ISO’s the recommended way to install ATM?? Based on several post the 5.04 iso seems borked.?

They’re all very old and probably no good sorry. I’ve been too busy with work with no real end in sight so I’m not sure when this will get dealt with.

@natemaia I feel ya bro. I’m self employed and run a crew. We’ve just been working our asses off and just saving all we can with the way this year has been going.

Similar here, work is plentiful right now but with how much material has gone up it has me worried