Does anyone know why an AUR packages asks to Update

… even though it has literally just been updated?

So I run baph -u to update and there it is, rofi-menus-git, asking me to update…again. I continue on with the update.

I run baph-u again and boom! rofi-menus-git asking for update. This also happened with the tryone picom package but was fixed I think.

I though t it might be a cache issue so I cleaned that, but no.

I have googled for an answer but have had no luck. Is it a poorly made AUR package that is causing this?

It’s a git package so the version will not be consistent, my advice is to avoid git packages unless that’s the only option.

The version strings from the PKGBUILD of git packages will be something like c20044c-1 until the packager updates it. With git packages most packagers don’t bother updating the PKGBUILD version and instead just use a small function in the PKGBUILD to update the version string to the current build (usually a hash of the master branch, eg. aad20bb2) and here is where we get the version mismatch, baph is checking the PKGBUILD version while the package updates it’s version while building, leaving the version installed on the system newer than the PKGBUILD itself.

There are certainly ways of correcting this and making it work but for the scope of baph I don’t feel it’s a worthwhile inclusion.

It’s not brilliant — the build() function calls rofi but that isn’t listed in the builddepends, the various functions cd into a named directory rather than $srcdir and the prepare() function doesn’t seem to do anything at all. But there’s nothing egregious in there.

What version do you have at the moment? The program was last updated two days ago and should now have aad20bb as the pkgver, is that what you see?

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That’s the version I have. That was when I originally installed it.

Ah cool . Yeah unfortunately its the only option. I normally avoid git packages where I can.

I’m just going to install it manually.

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