Does Anyone Here Actually Use Enlightenment?

Does anyone here use the Enlightenment DE? I see they have had a bit of an update.

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Heard about it in the past but never really tried it.

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I used to use it when I first started out on linux. The thought of it now makes me feel physically ill - no kidding. Horrible, horrible garish clunky buggy and ugly as f%ck - or used to be. Can’t imagine it’s changed too much.

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I’ve used it in the past. Not too bad, it use to be prone to seg faults, but no more.

Enlightenment was (one of) the first to go all in with Wayland. If you’re looking for a stacking window manager to use with Wayland, it’s pretty good. The themes were always a bit garish and retro, but I think the Bodhi distro made theirs available as a theme pack.

Terminology is an interesting terminal to use.

If you want to check it out, Bodhi (which I think is active again) uses Enlightenment as default, Sparky has it in their repos. As I recall, both are compiled to run in Wayland.

Last time I tried it, still a PITA to make your own theme.

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Interesting, I have had a small play with it way back, just feels like s flashy, over the top openbox.

It’s modular so it’s more like Fvwm (I think the enlightenment project started as a fork of Fvwm 2.x).

I just tried the Void version (still 24) ran on Wayland just fine, memory footprint not too bad. But still retro ugly. Lasted all of 5 minutes. Might check out E25 at a later date.

Yeah it is ugly. As much as I have zero time for Solus OS, I will be interested to see what they do with enlightenment once they move to it as default.

I did not know that… Do you know if they are abandoning Budgie?

EDIT: @Dobbie03 this might be of interest…

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I must have read the same article. That makes more sense. They are moving from GTK to EFL.

I’m still interested to see how it turns out.

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Tried it once long time ago. Not impressed.

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