Dobbie's in a contemplative mood

Congratulations to both promotions, age and work. :smiley:

@malm, a belated happy birthday to you! Yeah the community in my opinion is generally what makes a distro.

@subjunkie, thanks my friend. I limited myself to 3 beers, last nights celebrations took more out of me than I realised.

@orionH, thank you! thank you.

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3 beers - but what size was the glass?

Hope it was a good one; enjoy your roaring 40’s.

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Happy birthday Dobbie, hope you had a good one. Archlabs is indeed a pretty cool forum and has cool forum members, admin mods and such. I dont like to admit it online but ill be the big 4.0 next year. Time flys when one is having fun eh.

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I was under control, just pint glasses :smiley:

Thanks, its good to be here.

@s7l, thanks dude, time does fly. Hence my contemplative mood. 40 years? Where the hell has it gone!?

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Do not worry guys, the 40s will be a like a fingersnap, and then you will be celebrating another decade passed! :smiley:


Very damned true.

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Bloody hell, I hope it doesn’t pass that quick!

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Well @Dobbie03 it’s a slippery slope that is greased with sludge. As each year passes, you find that gravity really does suck. The skin around the neck saggs down, along with your chest and stomach. The ears gets bigger but you’re not able to hear like you used to. And just wait till you wear your paints over your chest… Then it really hits in your fifties… :grin:

Lol I don’t think that will ever happen :smiley:


So sorry I missed this topic, my biggest belated happy birthday.
Please don’t worry about your 40; here my team of experts are all past that age and I still feel like I am dealing with teenagers.
Time is a gentleman with men and a b***h with women.

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Paints? This some sort of middle-age (Middle Earth?) ritual?



Thanks @pippo

I think I know what you mean :smiley:

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