Dobbie won't be around for a few days

I’m out of town, spending some time away with my darling wife in Taupo. I have been looking forward to this for months. My first trip out of town in over 13 months and the first trip in a few years alone with my wife.


I hope you and the little lady the best of times! I’m sure you both deserve the time off.

Thanks, yes we do. We both work hard and both take very little time off and we have always done everything such as trips and holidays with our sons included. Now they are older and can fend for themselves for a few days we are trying to get away with just the two of us.

I can’t wait. Taupo is my favourite place in all of NZ. I absolutely love it there.

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So nice. Enjoy your mini vacation. You guys are lucky that you can still travel.

Thank you we will. Yes we are very lucky, its a good side effect of being an island at the bottom of the world with only 5M people. with 50% of those being in Auckland. :smiley:

Have a good stay.

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That’s like the wife and I get away every summer camping on Crown Land for 5 or 6 months, population 2. :wink:

Sounds scary, no? :grinning:

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Have a blast @Dobbie03

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Nothing better than a good trip away from town to recharge mate. Have a great and memorable time @Dobbie03

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Enjoy the trip you lucky, lucky person.

EDIT: good grief, Taupo is gorgeous.

Have fun and be safe, time to get tanned, rested, and ready you lucky people.

Edit: I hope they have Guinness there for you.

@Dobbie03 have fun.


Enjoy the free days, mate!
Have a good time.

Have a great time, enjoy the freedom

Thanks everyone. I am now home after a weekend of dining out, visiting the old haunts around Taupo and having a ton of fun with the darling.

It’s good to be home.


I can post the few pics I took if anyone is interested. Nothing amazing just some scenery and yeah…that’s about it.

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Always interested in seeing how the other side looks, besides getting sick of seeing snow.