Do you use a custom ROM on your Android?

I had a Nexus 6. If you think I made a bad choice with the S8, this doesn’t even compare with the N6. Piece of shit phone. Runs hot just from text messaging and using facebook. Worse phone purchase ever.

Well look at this way, if you’re getting cold or you want toast, start texting! I think the worst phone I’ve ever had was the Moto G. Twice, I had to buy batteries because the batteries would run down so low you couldn’t recharge the phone. At that time, the battery wasn’t too efficient. But, it was also one of the easiest to root. You didn’t have to deal with unlocking the bootloader.

That’s why I liked the OnePlus, super easy to install custom ROMs.

@anon39737049 interesting, but it will not work for my phone since it is a G950U1 instead of a G950F. But, it may work for @Dobbie03. But while I was at XDA I found this little interesting possible gem:

Apparently it is an where you can de-bloatware your phone without rooting. Now between you guys, me, and the fence posts, I’m a skeptical about this app.:thinking:

@anon39737049, history has proven that Unofficial ROMs and Matt do not mix well together.

@sevenday4I too am skeptical, hence me running Renovate so I can debloat using their installer.

yep… my old phone was a oneplus one. Awesome machine, although i never got my samsung gear to connect with it

I think Samsung purposely makes it where you can only use their gear with their phones. I can’t get my bluetooth to work for some reason, and I suspect that Samsung makes their equipment proprietary just like Apple does.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if that turned out to be true.

Had an interesting conversation lately; it’s often said that as a young person, you’re often on the left of the political spectrum, and become more ‘right-wing’ as you grow older. For me, non-conforming as I am, the opposite seems to be happening; from centre-right, l’m more and more swinging to center-left (and, sometimes, beyond)

‘Big business’, like Samsung f.i., are (a big) part of the reason for that.

I’m more conservative coming from liberal left growing up. My view is from how society is changing. Things are really getting worse. Social order is now in disorder. No respect for authority or personal integrity and views. And it is out of this the large glaglamourites are the way they are and they are pushing their values onto everyone else while trying to keep them poor and uneducated. But, I don’t want to go too far right either because you become too self absorbed to care for those around you. This is because of my Christian faith I guess but it is what it is.