Do you use a custom ROM on your Android?

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I suppose that’s another reason why I rotted my phone, to be rid of all the Samsung crap/bloat that comes with the Galaxy phones.

Normally, it’s one of the first things I do with a new phone: root and a new ROM.
Because that’s what you’re supposed t do, right? Get rid of all the crap that is deemed ‘useful’ and ‘beneficial’. Perhaps it is useful and beneficial, but not for me. I’d like to be as much in charge of my hardware as I can be (or convince myself is necessary).
Plus: rooting means (among other things) adaway! One of those things you’re immediately missing when it’s not there.

Too bad my new huawei is hard to OEM unlock and then root, so that’s an ongoing process.

I had Huawei mate 2 which I put Candy as an custom ROM. It brought it up to lollipop. Then I got two Samsung devices. A galaxy tab s3 with s-pen and a galaxy s8+ phone. My tablet has been rooted and got rid of all the garbage I didn’t want that took up memory. My phone though is not rooted yet. As I stated earlier, I want to make sure I have firmware backup before trying to root my phone. It’s kinda hard to make phone calls with a brick you know!? Plus on rooting an s8+ phone at the moment, isn’t stable enough and I’m hoping someone at XDA will be able to figure that out. I’m way too busy to try myself, but I do know there are good people at XDA who will eventually get it.

Of course, I always root my phone after buy. Guarantee is hard to be claimed afterall. Then install custom recovery, do a full backup.

I always love AOSP ROM. It comes without any bloat. And even better, it also comes without any Google apps. So I flashed Minimal Google apps via custom recovery. It only contains Play Store & Play Service. Then install everything I need later from Play Store.

And because I have a custom recovery, I can use it to install more useful goodies. Like EmojiOne, MotherOfAllAdblocker, Custom Fonts, etc

Yeah I usually use TWRP as my recovery and do a complete nano backup. Then choose the custom ROM I want. But usually the choices for custom ROM for me is very limited because there’s not too many who create for the phones I own. But I always want original firmware incase anything goes awry. And apparently, for the galaxy s8+, there’s an issue where if you root your phone, it only shows 80% charge. Whether that’s an accurate number or just a fluke no one is really sure. My tablet has no problem. I rooted using magisk with TWRP as my recovery. Again no custom ROM.

I have an S8+ with Renovate ROM. I sort of regret getting a Samsung after being a Nexus/OnePlus user forever. One of these days I’ll swap back to the Google phones, or maybe the Essential.

Yep, getting an s8+ was a face in palm moment for me. I thought I would try Samsung one time, what an expensive experience this is. I mean you can’t really modify the stupid thing the way you want it. Unless, it’s Samsung Galaxy approved products which means shelling out more money. Substratumn doesn’t work anymore with oreo (android 8.0). So there’s at least one custom ROM for this soon to be trade in huh?

Since at the moment I am broke, I am on an LG Stylo 3 Plus and while it is a decent mid-range phone, rooting it has more issues than benefits

for me, its TWRP, and then AOSP or whatever ROM that is compatible with my phone, looks nice on xda and suits my preferences :stuck_out_tongue:

but for now it’s trying to root my huawei mate 10 lite…
No problems with OEM unlocking, or so I thought.
but, for now, trying to get boot into TWRP results in a ‘command is not allowed’ message :confused:

Exactly this. THough I did have the original Galaxy S which was a great phone.

The S8+ has an amazing camera, that’s about all that is going for it. Bad move on my part.

The S8+ has an amazing camera, that’s about all that is going for it.

That and it does have pretty nice look to it with the beveled edges. But, I too think it was a bad move on my part. And with the Oreo update, beta anyways, there’s really no improvement and it’s causing issues with some apps where those issues didn’t exist before. I am not holding my breath that the Oreo update, when it does come out, will be much to save this phone. smh.

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Good to see this topic here.

I do use a custom ROM. I use LIneage OS 14.1 on a Samsung S4 Mini Int. It’s an awesome ROM and quite minimal. I really dislike all the bloatware that comes pre-installed on one’s phone, especially the MASSIVE Gapps package that includes everything from Google Play to your grandma’s Google search history.
Anyway, don’t think I’ll ever use a standard ROM in my life again.haha

@anon39737049 Well custom ROM has been known to save a bad phone. Maybe it’ll do the same for this ball and chain. Trying to root it, is like it was in the past. The snapdragon chips are a pain compared to the exynos chips. The thing that I am scratching my head about is the strange reading of 80% on full charge?!

I really wish Lineage was available for the S8.

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I don’t think Lineage will come into the picture until probably the next android release which would start with a ‘P’, if android continues its trend. Samsung is releasing Oreo, which as I stated earlier, doesn’t help the phone at all. But like you, I can’t wait until Lineage, or for that matter, any custom ROM that is built well without all the bloatware does start appearing. I still can’t get substratumn to work with this stupid andromeda that they make you purchase. This snapdragon chip is the pits as well.

I’ve given up on substratum. It just never works like it should.

I’d probably keep my S8 a bit longer if Lineage happens to appear for it.

Well I have to. I’m making payments on it and it is too expensive to just chuck it. Although, there are times I wonder how far I can drop kick it…

I’d like to trade mine in. No way I’d just throw something like this away. I really would like an Essential phone to be honest.

I’ve been looking at some others as well. Essential is one, HTC is another, I like Huawei mate 10, but unfortunately we can’t get that in the U.S. This phone will be paid off by September, by then things will really come alive as to phones. I understand that some of the new phones will have treble which will make upgrades more smooth and easier for manufacturers to upgrade.

I have a friend with a Mate 10, impressive phone. Later on in the year I’ll look at either the Essential or the next OnePlus.