Do you turn your computer off, or is it on 24/7?

  • Always on.
  • On when using, then off.

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One of the oldest debates in computer history.

Is turning it on more stressful than leaving it on?

Main system is 24/7. Test machines on and off depending on what’s going on.

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Hydro is very expensive here but we also pay for delivery of Hydro over the transmission lines which is about the same price of usage. So on when using, then off.

When I had a desktop, it worked 24/7. Since I started using laptops, I turn them off at the end of work. Same at work. The only machine that works constantly is my ArchLabs-based web scraper.

Laptop off at end
All my RPi’s (10?) always on

only when I have to go into Windows :rofl: