Dk workspaces and multi monitor

This seems to be partially solved.

When opening a window that is meant to open on the opposite monitor on a particular workspace, it seems to open on the workspace nearest to its assigned one that is occupied.

For example, I am on monitor two which should host workspaces 610. Open on monitor one is a terminal on workspace 2. I want FF to open which is assigned to workspace one on monitor one. It opens on workspace two.

I close it which means I am now focused on workspace two on monitor one. FF opens in the correctly assigned workspace.

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I think that is what it’s suppose to do - opens on the active workspace of the monitor. From the default dkrc:

# open window(s) on a monitor by number or name (active workspace on monitor)
dkcmd rule class="^chromium$" mon="HDMI-A-0"

So chromium (firefox gimp etc …) will open on the active workspace of monitor HDMI-A-0 when you open it from a different monitor. So the “mon=” setting overrides the “ws=” setting; which means you can’t string those two together.

Try this rule (and comment out the “mon=” rule for firefox:

dkcmd rule class="^firefox$" ws=1 focus=true

Then firefox will open on workspace 1 and grab focus regardless of the active monitor or workspace. That appears to be what you want to happen.


That makes sense. I’ll spend some time with it over the weekend.