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Thanks for sharing. I like the direction where you heading.

I tested sgtk-menu (“fullscreen” branch) in various environments. For some reason on yaxwm moving the window to coordinates on secondary display works vertically only. Horizontally it always gets centered. Does not happen anywhere else.

Hmm, window location is centered initially if its floating and its “out of bounds”, meaning one of the edges are outside the monitors screen area.

I’ll check it out, any suggested command to reproduce or just run the menu?

Just “sgtk-menu” with the mouse pointer placed in the secondary display should do the job. But it’s possible that my win.move(x, y) coordinates are float. I’ll go and check.

[edit] Did I misunderstand? You mean floating window, not floating point numbers?

Yea, floating windows. It wouldn’t make much sense to center tiled windows as their location/geometry are dictated by the layout. Full screen windows (windows with _NET_WM_STATE set to _NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN) are still managed by the window manager, which most resize the window to fit the screen they’re on and most set them to be floating.

Its worth noting that just because a window is full screen doesn’t stop window managers from being able to perform move, resize, or other operations on it, many wm do this as a way to have a full screen video playing in a small floating window

Just installed yaxwm and as I was configuring polybar I noticed that it won’t show whether the tag is occupied ot not. Is this a common behaviour in polybar? I only used it with i3 and bspwm, so I don’t know if it’s actually a problem with the ewmh module.

You need to configure the polybar module; you can check out the example on the git page for the various options.

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that’s actually what I did but I can’t seem to find a way to make it show the occupied tags. Can you show me your ewmh module?

After further investigation: if the pointer there’s on the secondary screen:

left_margin, top_margin == 0, 0

instead of

left_margin, top_margin == 1920, 0

For this to work on yaxwm, I would need to place the pointer on the secondary screen and win.move(0, 0), which is actually valid for the primary display.

Do you mean how to set the active monitor, if a window doesn’t set the net desktop atom we assign it to the currently active one. Will try it out tonight so I have a better idea of what you’re talking about

I’m not sure what you mean. On my side it works like this:

  1. I detect currently selected screen w/ python-pynput (after the pointer position);
  2. display_geometry(win, wm, mouse_pointer) returns (x=1920, y=0, w=1920, h=1080) for the secondary display;
  3. for top left corner I move the window to 1920, 0 (actually to 1921, 0, otherwise the manu gravity is wrong in i3);
  4. 1920, 0 turns out to be out of the secondary display on yaxwm. Expected values are 0, 0, which is not true in any other WM.

Correction! I’ve just set up dwm at home, on dual-headed display, and it behaves exactly the same way.

This means that I’d need to detect if the current WM is dwm / yaxwm and move the window accordingly.

in the polybar thread.

Doesn’t work showing the occupied window.

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Resolved on my side.

Sorry chaps, just gonna move this one to another category because this is far from “off topic” chat :smiley:


Guys, does anyone have w polybar config /module / whatever capable of showing workspaces in yaxwm? I’ve never used polybar and no idea where to start from.

Follow my link to the polybar thread a few posts above. For some reason though, the
“label-occupied” options are not working for yaxwm and some other window managers.

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I’m afraid it displays nothing on my install, but probably I need some porter to make it work :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking into this and I’m not sure if it’s something on my end I’m doing wrong or if it’s the polybar ewmh module