DK Cheatsheet?

Does anyone happen to have a cheatsheet document of standard dkwm commands (bindings?) that they would be willing to share?

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dk window manager default key bindings


Thank you!

If anyone is willing to produce a markdown or pdf document listing the default binds I’ll gladly include it in the repo and credit you. The configs are all I’m willing to produce, they’re not terribly complex.


dk window manager default key binds - pdf

@natemaia - dawned on me after I posted that you are probably looking for a two column output like from a conky.


I use cheatsheet conkies (cause I’m old and can’t remember sh*t : CRS, you know). I can generate a standard list of shortcuts; mine are customized to my multiple desktops. Just let me know if that would be helpful…

We already discussed the conky shortcut thing and basically came to the conclusion that none of us were in favour of it (shipping AL with conky preinstalled).

I think, personally, a markdown cheatsheet for general use is the best way. Anyone that wants a conky or something similar has a resource to base off.


I think the pdf document just fine to use. Key binds are changed by each user to suit there own preference not static like conky commands.

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I have to say that the more I use DK, the better I like it. :wink:

FWIW I have incorporated a good deal of automation (via sxhkd and wmctrl) in my personal install. I’ll publish a tutorial of what I have done on my site and share it both here and on LiliDog.

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