Display not waking up + 4K

Hi there
Was wondering if someone can help with my issue.
I have a Lenovo on an Ultra Dock, connected to an external 4K display through HDMI.
Issue 1:
If I set the display to turn off after a set time, it won’t get back on, the display cycles through all the possible connections but won’t get back, so i have to hard boot the machine to get back in.

Issue 2:
I can only get 4K out of my HDMI at 30hz, Display port is not working for me and I don’t know how to turn it on and see if I can get 60hz at least.
The card is K2100m and I can’t find any info about DP1.2 (i think it is possible)
I can’t even get the mini display to work…

Any help is greatly appreciated