Discover "bgs" as background setter today


Yes i know, we have Nitrogen and we can use Feh as background setter and a lot more, but the past few weeks i prefer more and more the suckless stuff and i discover “bgs” today. It is small, lightweight, quick and do what it should - to set a background. I like it.



Very cool, thanks for sharing.

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Cool find, thanks. Do you know if you can spread images across two screens (multihead setup)?
Or does it do that automatically using bgs <image> & when the image has the total width of the two screens combined?

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@xsme Hello! I think this explain some of your questions. I hope.



@Dobbie @xsme Thanks. For me it works like a charm. Hope for you too.

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Nice find @subjunkie

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It’s in the AUR:

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Unfortunately, this was not the solution to my question. I tried different modes already, all to no avail.
I believe the only solution would be splitting the wide-screen background into two seperate pictures and then set it for each monitor. That would most probably work but is not really a very clean solution.
Or am I missing something? Somebody else got this (dual screen setup, one background-image streching across both monitors) working another way, somehow?