Discord 'Like' emoticons?

Idle moment post …

Most of the emoticons that were added to the basic :heart: for ‘Like’ are pretty self explanatory, but I dont understand how to interpret the following:


and especially

:cowboy_hat_face: cowboy_hat_face: = For @cog for when we all changed our user pics to us wearing cowboy hats.
:soccer: soccer: = for the world cup or a football game.
:headstone: headstone: = for any RIP’s you may want to acknowledge.
:coffee: coffee: = ummmm coffee.
:cut_of_meat: cut_of_meat: = bbq or MEEEEAAATTT related eating posts.

There you go :smiley

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Thanks Dobbie :cowboy_hat_face:


All clarified!
Good to hear from you!

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