Disabling Terminal Startup Script

i delete the line, save the file and logout/reboot system

You don’t need to reboot. Just close and reopen your terminal.

Ah , faster shortcut !

i did that in the first place, thank you anyway :slight_smile:

Has it worked?

I’ll have to live with it

Are you sure you are using bash? Not zsh, fish or mksh?

positive, im using Bash

I’m lost then :frowning:

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I would look if zhs s still installed, never know.

well is not installed ;/

Hi @Rocco_o

Could you have changed permissions? With ls -l .bashrc you can see the specifics of that file; or you are simply saving the changes for another user

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Hi, its fixed now :slight_smile:


How you fixed it @Rocco_o .

Glad it s resolved. Edit, resolved by removing Al-info !

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for some reason geany did not keep my changes, I used nano and solved by removing al-info line in .bashrc

Cool, using nano also on my end, too used to it I guess.

yeah :slight_smile: