Disable Firefox Telemetry and Data Collection

Yep. And I did turn everything off in Settings already. Still I had to adjust 21 of these 22 parameters. Still a good browser though.


Thx for sharing @leigh , 2 companies I don t use & will stay that way on my end.

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Thanks for the share, this needs it’s own thread. I had to change all but two of the options.


Thanks for this man.

BTW, for anyone using the Firefox account (I do): these settings are not carried over in that profile. At least on my laptop I had to adjust telemetry as well again, although the rest (history, bookmarks and generic settings) were pretty much copied over.

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That sux that the tweaks that we do aren t persistant in FF, one s gotta love FF in order to keep going on ! lol

Do you restart FF after you change the parameters into the about:config @Peppe !

Some are a pain like these ones in the Privacy & Security section, a bit down that page at the Warn You When Websites Try To Install Add-ons.

Yes I used the wrong term , I will correct the post. It is persistent, after restarting. You are right. And I meant it doesn’t carry over to another FF instance , that uses the same profile

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Ah, makes sense @Peppe , I wasn t shure of that one.

I also edited my post.

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Time for an IPA here :nerd_face:

Lol, yep, well deserved after that FF mess !

If there ain’t a reason I make my reason :smile:

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Thanks for this. Some very interesting stuff to check out. However, I am not that worried really, I mean, I am on the internet. :crazy_face:


That is one of the reasons why I back up my .mozilla folder, to preserve those changes. It would be nice if they were sync’d, but it is just a pipe dream.


That’s a good tip, thanks! I already do that with Thunderbird and it works really well. Obviously the thought never crossed my mind to do this with the Mozilla folder also :sweat_smile:

EDIT: works great, brings in all cookies from websites that I’ve logged in as well. Saves a ton of work.

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Strange I automatically delete my .mozilla folder from my .cache directory on shut down and all the above changes and others made always carry over to the next boot.

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That s one command that I do daily in terminal, it might also help ; ( edited)

rm -v -f ~/.cache/thumbnails/*/*.png ~/.thumbnails/*/*.png
rm -v -f ~/.cache/thumbnails/*/*/*.png ~/.thumbnails/*/*/*.png
rm -rf ~/.cache/mozilla/firefox/*
rm ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.default/cookies.sqlite
rm -rf ~/.cache/mozilla/firefox/????????.*/cache2/*
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I have this added to fstab. Removes all from .cache on shutdown.

# grep cache /etc/fstab
tmpfs		/home/sam/.cache	tmpfs	uid=1000,gid=1000,mode=750 0 0

Oh, good call @anon28865476

Nothing like a clean cache ! lol

There talking about backing up /home/al/.mozilla/, not /home/al/.cache/mozilla.

HTH :slight_smile: