Dimension Error after startup

After i start the pc its dimension is like this and sometimes it freezes and as i login to account and logout again then the dimension is ok.
What is the solution for this problem ?

Is that LightDM?

What is your graphics hardware and driver(s)?

lspci -knn  | grep -iA3 'vga\|display\|3d'

It shows like this.

Please try to upload again, it doesn t show up @Bibek

Oops, edited, just showed up.

Yes i have uploaded again

Thx @Bibek .

As @Head_on_a_Stick asked, is that with LightDM .

Yes it is with light dm and also with openbox .
I change the resolution with xrandr to auto but after that whike login it shows full screen but doesnot seem good.

You might have to edit till it s to your computer specs

I didinot get it what should i do now ?

It works fine after i logout and login again
But after that it shows problem in wifi connection and as i logout and login 2-3 times it work fine

Ok, just post what @Head_on_a_Stick asked on post 2 I guess above, might help you out.

Yes sir i have posted all the things what is being asked with picture.

Ok thx, is that an integrated gpu right !

Drivers are updated as well!

Yes sir

ok cool, wonder what s up in there.

Now what can be done sir as it works fine like previously ?
I reinstall it just 3 days earlier and the problem exists.

No idea sir what’s being the problem.

Linux mysteries I guess !

Maybe someone else will chim in.

Ok sir but can we help me on it or any other whom you know can help me.

Don t know, just wait for someone in there if any. Time will tell.