Different Icons in Openbox and Tint2 Rather than the Ones Displayed in Rofi

Some of the applications with updated icons like Vscode and Kitty terminal shows the new icons in rofi but not on Tint2 and openbox switcher. The images below will explain better than my words. Any way to resolve this?

For tint2 there’s a setting to override the desktop icons and set a specified theme, either use the tint2 config Gui or edit the tint2rc.

For the openbox switcher I’m actually not sure, perhaps there’s an icon setting in the rc.xml.

The tint2 setting is for launcher icons but theses are just taskbar icons for which there isn’t any option. I also checked rc.xml and the theme is indeed set as ArchLabs-Dark but there is no specific icon theme options to edit. Guess I can live with this minor ‘discomfort’ :laughing:

I think you can solve this by editing the gtk settings, but nothing came up when I did a search.

As I recall, the BunsenLabs devs do something to unify the icon aesthetics that involves creating a config file or two.