Different dpi on dual screen setup

Hi there.
Have working setup with external monitor with same resolution as my laptop screen. But the dpi on laptop is 210 and on external screen is 110. It’s almost impossible to use it with same scaling together. Tried xrandr scaling and it’s ugly looking. As far as i understand there are no other simple options available on X. Found that wayland should have better hidpi and scaling support, trying gnome now but it’s not what i want from my linux setup :cry:

Do you guys know better solution for this case?

Looks like sway can do what you want with minimal overhead:


Do you like tiling window managers?

ArchLabs’ i3 configuration could be translated to sway quite easily, I think.

What do you get from

xdpyinfo | grep dots

Have you tried using xrandr with --dpi and to set the dpi of each screen at boot?

xrandr --output DVI-D-0 --dpi 98x98

Sorry I don’t have much more to offer here, I don’t have something hidpi enough to really test