Slower than a snail !!!


No good?


Not for me. Nothing new, very slow, old software …


Yeah Devuan does nothing for me. Personally I like systemd so I see no need for Devuan.


Meh… I just go with 'de flow. I’m sure Devuan’s a fine system and intend no disrespect to those fine Ladies and Gents but systemd works just fine for me too.


devuan is nice, because no systemd.
Sometimes it sucks though, because no systemd,


I really wanted to like Devuan but it has really strange dependency issues that regular Debian doesn’t. I tried to apt purge vlc and xfburn and it was nigh impossible without removing other necessary packages…like the entire XFCE desktop. :rage:


Uh, I think I will stay away from Devuan. It sounds like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde system. Sounds like a lot of trouble, if one dependency changes then the whole system goes out of wack.


That’s a common problem for people unfamiliar with Debian’s metapackages and how to handle them, here is a guide:

And yes, pure Debian also has this feature :slight_smile: