Devuan thoughts

Welp - I saw DT’s blurb on YouTube about the creator of SystemD trashing Devuan and it’s followers.
What are your thoughts on this? As you know, my secondary system and server run Debian Sid. For giggles and if I choose to - I am currently installing a Devuan in virt-manager.
Going to give it a whirl and should I feel the need, make the move to sysint (like I remember back in my early FreeBSD days).

Never bothered with for a couple of reasons. One, its Debian (or there abouts). Two, I have no issue with systemd.


Is DT DistroTube? I crack up on how he pronounces “X-Mooo-Naad”. I also like how he reviews distros installing them for the first time and not knowing how a lot of little things in them work. Usually when you like review a movie, you’ve watched it, not review while you’re watching it lulz.

I was looking into Devuan and Artix yesterday when trying to decide what distro would live on the second partition on the Thinkpad (I decided not to dual boot on it anymore, it’s AL exclusively), and honestly haven’t bothered to try to understand the divide between SystemD and non-SysD. I am not a developer or engineer, so it really doesn’t affect me either way. The less I have to deal with stuff like that, the better. MX has an option to use SysD at boot, AntiX is SysD free, what their options are doesn’t matter as long as they boot IMO. Now this might change over time, and while I always appreciate a sense of purity in most things, I am not one to want to ban the designated hitter in baseball either.

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Depends on how you hate systemd. :smiley: If you’re not bothered, just run Debian. I ran Devuan on my laptops before. Had never experienced serious issues.

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im for non-systemd stuff, but i stopped thinking on the word “Debian”, just dont like anything based on that or apt package manager. Ill go anything runit though, or s6 if accompanied with good service manager wrappers (66 on obarun for example which i currently use)

with regard to DT, i woulndt take anything he says outside of tiling/stacking mw configurations, and minimal app content. other than that all other content are just that “for the sake of content, he can put out one thing today, and then conflicts (not the right word here) the next content or so.” I go for DJ Ware for tech content.

Considering DT keeps promoting KISS concept, minimalism, freesoftware etc, he sure does hate non-systemd which is hypocrit.


That seems to be somewhat of an exaggeration, here’s the original tweet:

And it really didn’t bother @golinux (a Devuan developer) at all:

Devuan’s current stable release (3.1, beowulf) is interesting because the installer asks for a choice of init systems — sysvinit, OpenRC & runit (with runit-init as PID1) are all available.

Of course these are also available for Debian (along with systemd) but you have to set them up yourself after installation.


It’s spelled “systemd” actually.


To be honest - I have been using systemd so long now I have forgotten what sysvinit was even like.
I personally don’t know enough about systemd to even make an argument one way or the other. Of course, that goes for sysvinit too

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I play around with both MXLinux & antiX (both are non-systemd Debian). Not Devuan. I have run some tests on Devuan, it’s just fine. My arch machines are systemd based; my Debian are not. I tend to focus most on window managers, not the underlying distro so much. And there you have it.