Devastating news

However shall I survive…

The colour has left the world.

If you aren’t quite sure, I am being sarcastic. 2022 is too soon for anything from Godsmack.


That blog had an epic article over the infamous Queensryche breakup. That breakup rivaled Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt for drama lulz.

That was such a bitchy break up…the lead singer, Geoff Tate acted like such a child. Man if I was the dude he spat at he would be picking his teeth up off the floor.

He made a self promotional video…pure cringe

Wow, just wow.

Looks like he wants to promote his stuff right as stated above .

It’s one thing. His Ego. It is massive.

Lol, you bet, the worst thing is that he s not alone like that, whatever the field.

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@Dobbie03 I don’t even wanna watch that vid, anything from Tate is cringe worthy lol. But it wasn’t so much Tate I was trippin’ on reading the details of that breakup that two of former band members posted. It was how they put up with all of Tate’s bullshit that was flat out ridiculous. I get those guys have families and mortgages and Queensryche is their primary source of income, but Tate was having them do shit that was so lulzworthy that I forget what situation it was, when they posted “that was the last straw” I burst out laughing because there were many moments before it that was the last straw lol. Spinal Tap couldn’t had come up with a more ridiculous band drama/breakup than those guys. The comments section was gold Jerry, gold (to quote from Seinfeld). Everyone was laughing their ass off over that post. I think even Mike Portnoy chimed in with something like “and I thought Dream Theater’s breakup was ridiculous, but this one…”.

The irony of the title of their biggest hit “Silent Lucidity” was not lost on me after reading that mess lulz.

I never got into Queensryche, I heard them when they first came out listening to KMET in Los Angeles, when they had metal night on the weekends (they played Tygers of Pan Tang and the Di-Anno Maiden, bands that were then underground metal bands, like Metallica with their first EP and stuff) as opposed to the butt rock of Aerosmith and Van Halen they usually played. Now when anyone mentions “Queens”, it’s Queens of the Stone Age, a band who I know a few who were members, like Fredo and that nutbag Nick Oliveri, because they are from the same town I live in. Fredo is cool, he’s an old friend from way back, and I know the cats from Kyuss, like John Garcia and Brant Bjork (jammed with Garcia once, it was dope, I don’t play “Desert Rock” or get into that scene, but Garcia was doing his thing looking at me while in front of the kit, like to cop his vibe, and I did, and he’s got it man, that guy can bring it out of you), and I think I met Homme a couple of times when he just got out of high school, but that was years ago, and Kyuss and Homme have a bit of drama going on between them. I just loathe the term “Desert Rock”, like what desert? Tunisia, or Sonora?

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I don’t mind Queensryche but they are so inconsistent. Their post-Tate albums are not bad though.

Never knew they had a new album, I must say that I don t follow bands anymore compared to 30 years back or more !

That was costing me a fortune, 1st when it was the 33/cassete times & cd times afterward

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