Desktop almost totally unresponsive!

Hi! Now I am in trouble!
On my son’s former laptop (asus-rog) I have been running AL for a few weeks. I run mainly Openbox but the last couple of days I have been home from work sick and then I have been testing a second DE, Xfce with Compiz. I switched to mate-panel i Openbox. Everything was working well until today. No I can boot both xfce and OB but the only thing that is responsive on desktop is plank. (mouse and touchpad works with plank) I have now uninstalled compiz but that only resulted in window decoration dissapperared. I have gone through al my bash history to see if I made a config I forgot, but can’t find any reason for this! Almost the same in OB. Boots but I can only reach anything with plank. No menus.

I wonder if someone knows where to look to solve problems like this?


Reinstall Compiz.
Compiz can install it from tt2-3-4-etc,etc
Please, posted, what compiz version are you using?

Hi! I installed compiz 0,9 but now uninstalled! Why reinstall compiz?


Because so it works again, every now and then compiz needs to be reinstalled after several updates to other packages.
Also at login you should have the other De to be selected, if you have xfce installed.

Guess that you have loads of rams on that lappy right @womp

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I have compiz installed on two arch distro and they work great for years.
Never had any problems, except that you get so much (rarely) after various updates you start marco,instead of compiz, reinstall compiz and everything works again.

16 gb! Almost too much!

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Might give you a hint to what s happening on your install , from terminal;

systemd-analyze blame

Thank you ector! I have been playing arround too much with this install I think. I am leaning towards a reinstall over the weekend. I will of course use Openbox as the primary target but maybe Mate as secondary and try compiz again. Hey ector do you use compiz 0.9 or 0.8? Read something about “compiz-reloaded”? Is that the same as 0.8 or is that a third version?


Hi again!
I took the easy way this time. (I have a fever and a bit sick). I created a new user and I am going to erease my old one after som configurations. Thanks for interest and support!


I have compiz 0.9,and compiz --reeplace and star-session.

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