Dell XPS 13 9370 Battery issue when lid is closed

hi all,

Following on the Archwiki pages about the 9370 and the 7390 it seems that there is a setting for the S3 Sleep

My current issue is:
When I put my laptop to sleep by closing the lid, running the suspend service, or when I had gnome by selecting sleep , by battery drains, at the slower rate but if I leave my laptop on sleep for a week that’s it …

Anyone has this laptop or perhaps has the technical knowledge or experience in the matter to advise me on something solid to try

Also I did try so many things that I am not sure what works or how to actually confirm that it works
( not too sure how to check that actually goes to full sleep )

As always, Thanks in advance !

You have this option in your kernel cmd line?


Or use hibernation instead.

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$ cat /sys/power/mem_sleep 
s2idle [deep]

@Head_on_a_Stick and @chroot
Both are true, but still I am getting battery drainage :confused:

Wonder what s the state of the battery itself, its age or such, but might be something that always run in the back.

The device is brand new

Interesting enough it runs the same software as my other dell ( 7950 )

It might be something that I need to look on BIOS

Oh ok, something s always on then which is weird, you must have windows still installed also if I guess well. Which might not help also.

Clean Archlabs install only …

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Which is better ! lol

Well looks like it s in the bios as you stated above or something else .

Wonder if you shut it down if it would be better off.

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currently I am shutting it down

on my other Dell I do use xss-lock and i3lock with the suspend.service and it works just fine.

will dig a bit further

Hey that s cool, wonder if it can be of any help to you even if not a Dell laptop;

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Looks like you’re not alone. So many other XPS users also have this problem.

Try their suggestions in BIOS. If the problem persists, try hibernate instead.

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Good call @chroot