Delete password request when switching on the pc


I am the only user of my pc and I would like not to have to enter my password each time I connect.
Please tell me how to proceed.

Usually a good site for me, might be useful to you @NoBoss

Search the forum and the ArchWiki for autologin. There are several threads on the topic. The solution may vary depending on what applications are in use and how you log in.


Good call in there @PackRat

It is in these moments that I regret not knowing English … And on the French site, there is nothing. It does not matter, it is not a big constraint to enter a password.

I would get some sites & translate it/them with Google Translate or anything else that seem best to you @NoBoss .

Depends on what login manage you’re using. Search in arch wiki. There’re plenty docuements about auto login.

@natemaia first example - automatic login without password via systemd

with a link to another page.